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No Gap Preventive Dental at Dental on Gregory

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All health funds are accepted at Dental on Gregory, and St. Luke’s Health members with Super Extras* cover have NO GAP to pay for their preventive treatment. This means no gap, or no out-of-pocket expense, for all preventive treatments, such as your routine check-up and clean appointments, including x-rays, and preventive fissure sealants. (Annual limits do apply).

At Dental on Gregory, our key focus is on prevention of dental disease before they become a problem – with St. Luke’s Health, prevention is made easy and affordable. Just let us know you are part of St Luke’s NO GAP PREVENTIVE DENTAL scheme when making your appointment or at your appointment.

St Lukes Health is a proudly local Tasmanian not-for-profit health insurer.

*St Luke’s covers with no-gap preventative dental includes: Super Extras, Packaged Platinum Plus, Packaged Platinum, Packaged Gold, Packaged Silver. For more information, visit the St. Luke’s website here.



Q. Will I have an out-of-pocket expense to pay for my treatment?

St Luke’s members with dental extras listed in their ‘Gap Free Preventive Dental’ scheme have no out-of-pocket expense for their check-up and clean, including x-rays. This is bulk-billed through HICAPS. Annual limits do apply, so it is best to check with St. Luke’s to check your remaining annual allowance. If no other dental treatment has been taken in that calendar year, and you have eligible dental cover, you can expect to be completely covered by St.Luke’s for your preventive dental treatment at Dental on Gregory. Please contact us if you have any further queries, and we will be more than happy to help. 

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